A word of advice: don’t buy a product unless you know what you’re paying for.


Technical specs and design details aren’t just a selling point; we want our fans to make purchases because they believe in what they’re buying. We make our clothes in the same factories as luxury brands like Armani, Vince, and Nike, but we charge a fraction of the price. Take a look at our Oxford button-down, for instance: it boasts the same 300 thread count and Mother of Pearl buttons as designer brands, yet it’s priced under $60.


We’re not the first apparel company to talk about transparency, but we’re the first to be transparent about our design process without charging you an arm and a leg. We’re proof that luxury clothing doesn’t have to come with a “luxury” markup. We’re happy to show you what you’re paying for.


For example, did you know that our factories microproduce our clothes? We don’t go through mass production - we need fewer items, so our producers are able to spend more time on each item. It’s one of the perks of being a startup. The result is that you get an item with an attention to detail that rivals hand production. It’s the perfect middle ground between mass production and custom tailoring, without the price inflation of the latter.


But design is only half of what goes into our products; the other half is value. Do you really want to fund the marketing budget of luxury brands? That’s what happens when you buy something from a luxury designer - someone’s gotta pay for the celebrities and supermodels. You see, value means paying for quality. With State of G, you get the item that you pay for - minimal overhead, no middle men. Knowing your product means knowing what you’re paying for, and with us, you only pay for the shirt on your back.


For every product we create, we put together infographics on the key design specs to look out for. But don’t take our word for it - do your own research, and you’ll realize on your own that we're the right pick.


We want you to #knowyourproduct - let’s make responsible consumption the norm rather than the exception.



Good design is multifaceted. We have focused on developing meticulous designs to ensure excellence in appearance and function. Material selection is crucial to how a piece feels and endures. We have sourced high grade fabrics and threads from factories that we have personally visited to ensure quality. Whenever possible we have selected pure materials. We always consider how a piece will be used when we select materials. Design details such as stitching, trims, and buttons were considered so that a piece will last both in style and durability. Fit is vital when considering an item of clothing. If a piece doesn't fit right, you won't wear it. This is the reason we have considered fit and measurement so heavily in our designs. Contemporary takes on timeless classics is what guides our designs.


Staple apparel should be just that: prices that you can fall back on time and time again. Versatility to us means limitless options in one piece so that you can wear it in a variety of conditions and in a variety of ways. A piece is only as good as it functions and function is a result of careful consideration of a product's intended use. The way an item of clothing is constructed affects how long it will last and how it wears. We have selected factories that specialize in the product that they manufacture. This assures an extra level of attention to detail and construction so that a piece will perform the way it was intended to.


Quality should be attainable. That is one of our guiding principles, which is why we chose an ecommerce business model. This means you receive products directly from the factory, minimizing all excess costs associated with traditional retail such as distributor markups, middle men, and the cost of brick and mortar stores. We source materials from factories that provide the highest quality for price and we will not compromise on the quality of the labor or raw materials. Versatility equates to value because you are essentially purchasing a piece that will wear in a variety of ways. We believe that consumers have the right to make an educated and informed decision about their purchases, which is why we will disclose our practices and costs.